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Chris Karnes

"The future of content is human. Emotional. Personal."
- MIchael Brenner on the future of content.

Customers Don't Want Ads, They Want a Conversation

Marketing is rapidly transforming into a dialogue between buyers and sellers or collaborative marketing.

"Companies and consumers are talking to each other beyond the call centers and points of sale for the first time in history."

Excellent video from Brian Solis and Jesse James Garrett on User Experience. This provides us an understanding of the current state of UX today and its role in the future of business.

(Source: briansolis.com)

An amazingly creative ad from BBH/Guardian. A modern twist on The 3 Little Pigs

(Source: bbh-labs.com)

You knew it was coming, time to talk Google+ for Business

John Jay of Wieden+Kennedy talks breaking down silos in an excellent video

B2B Customer Experience: Many are failing